Tejas Hunting Retriever Club

26 Years in the Making

2010 Mock Hunt Test

Thank you to our Judges Lou Davis & Janet Reid, also to James Davis for setting this up for our club.  We had a wonderful time!















* Flat Throw: a bird or bumper thrown directly across from the thrower, not back or in.  From the dog's point of view it is a 90 degree throw.  Other types of throws are angle-in and angle-back.

* Go Bird: the first mark to be retrieved, generally the last bird that has been thrown.

* Handler: the person who is working/running the dog.

* Happy Bumper: a bumper thrown in play or as a reward and encouragement for a dog.

* Hard Mouth: a dog that abuses, or eats the birds when sent to retrieve.

* Head Swinging: when a dog looks away from a mark before being cued to do so by the handler; head-swinging is a bad habit and is detrimental to marking.

*Heel Position: dog is by handler's side.  Traditionally the heel position is on the left hand side, but dogs can heel from either side.

* Holding Blind: an area where the dog waits to run the test.  A dog in the holding blind should not be able to see the test.

* Honoring: when a dog remains stationary on the line while another dog is sent for the bird or birds.  The honoring dog must not interfere with the working dog.

* Line Manners: the dog's behavior while coming to the line, while on the line, waiting for the marks, and upon returning to the line with the birds.

* Mark: the fall of a bird/bumper that the dog should watch, remember, and retrieve. Also a cue word that indicates to the dog to pay attention because birds are about to be thrown.

* No Bird: a term that refers to a poorly thrown mark.  The handler or judge indicates that the mark was not acceptable and it will need to be re-thrown.