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Tejas Hunting Retriever Club 2017 AKC Field Trial

 Friday, January 27, 2017 - Sunday, January 29, 2017 Held in Giddings , TX

Entries Close: Monday, January 16, 2017 11:59:59 PM CT Event Type: AKC Retriever Field Trial Event Number: 2017353601








Hunt Test

Tejas HRC conducts sanctioned Hunting Tests throughout the year.  These events are intended to test a dog's training and ability under simulated hunting conditions and are conducted under either AKC or HRC rules and regulations.  Please continue to check the Events page for details on Tejas Hunt Tests.

Hunt Test regulations allow for a dog to compete against a set standard instead of against other retrievers.  These events afford retrievers an opportunity to earn titles and are a lot of fun to run.  There are two sanctioning organizations for Hunt Test titles; the AKC and the UKC/HRC.

AKC Titles
Junior Hunter (JH)
Senior Hunter (SH)
Master Hunter (MH)

UKC/HRC Titles
Started Hunting Retriever (SHR)
Hunting Retriever (HR)
Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH)
Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH)
Upland Hunter (UH)

JH & SHR - Titled retrievers can perform single retrieves on both land and in water.  These titles signify that a dog has shown potential and could become a complete gun dog if training is continued.

SH & HR - Titled retrievers have completed the intermediate level Hunt Test.  These titles signify that a dog is a capable hunting companion and can perform double retrieves as well as blinds on land and in water. This retriever is steady and will honor other working dogs.

MH & HRCH - Titled retrievers have passed highest level Hunt Test.  These titles identify a dog that can perform multiple retrieves at long distances on land and in water.  Additionally, a Master Hunter or Hunter Retriever Champion has proven he can run complex blind retrieves and is a solid hunting companion.

For more information on these events you can visit the AKC or HRC website.  You can also email one of the officers, we would be glad to help you get started.  It is lots of fun!

 Tejas Members with their HRC Titled Retrievers

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Hunt Test Event


A huge thank you to all of the Judges and club volunteers that make these events possible.  We would also like to extend a special thank you to Red Dog Ranch owners Susie Ritch and Bill Eckett for the use of their amazing property.