Tejas Hunting Retriever Club

26 Years in the Making

Tejas Top Dogs

Tejas Top Dogs are members hunting and trialing companions.  We love our four-legged kids!

Huge Shout Out to Dale & Gracie for Passing their first Master National 2012!










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Enter your Tejas Top Dog by emailing your photo in its original size to: TejasHrcWeb@gmail.com

You know you're a dog person when . . .

. . . your cardiologist tells you that you need to have an angioplasty and your first concern is that you will have to scratch your dog from that weekend's hunt test.

. . . you eat dinner once it's dark because otherwise you'll lose precious daylight hours to train.

. . . the first thing your friends, colleagues and passing acquaintances say to you when they see you is, "How are the dogs?".

. . . as you drive down the interstate, every undeveloped piece of property or water you see is evaluated for its training potential.
         Carol F. Cassity